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  • The most efficient placer mining method ever deployed
  •  Significantly lower mining costs and increase profitability
  •  Benefit from superior gold recovery
  •  Vacuum up gold pockets that conventional equipment cannot reach
  •  Dramatically extend your mining season
  •  Proven eco-friendly mining method
  •  High-tech undercurrent recovery system is excellent at fine gold recovery

Our 15” Shell dredge is the largest suction dredge in Alaska, 123 ft. in length and 25 ft. wide, setting 5 ft. above water line to deck. This dredge is capable of processing 400 cubic yards per hour and generates 500 KW to run the concentrators and electrical controls.

Increased Efficiency Will Significantly Lower Mining Costs


The jet suction placer dredge is far more efficient and economical than conventional mining methods. Conventionally equipped placer mines with excavators, loaders and dozers require three, four or morelifts of the feed material and an operator on each machine, but the jet suction dredge vacuums up feed material and delivers it into the concentrator classifier system in one swift motion.


The feed material is then distributed over the grizzly and segregated by size, with the finer particles dropping into the concentrator classifier and eventually into the tailings. These tailings   are   systematically   distributed   on   an   even   keel   for   easy   reclamation.



While this one step method results in obvious reductions in time and labor costs, this proprietary process also dramatically minimizes potential loss of values inherent in the repeated handling of the feed materials.



A 15 jet suction dredge can cut a swath of 100ft or more, requiring a crew of three per shift plus the dredge master, while the 12 requires only thedredge master and a crew of two per shift.


Superior Gold Recovery


Incomparably moreefficient than digging with rippers, the jet suction dredge is capable of stripping off bedrock layers and cleaning out cracks and crevices unreachable with conventional excavators.


The dredge’s extreme suction vacuums out hard to reach cracksand crevices and ensures maximum gold collection with the help of waters viscosity.  The intense suction cleans out bedrock crevices without ripping it up, but some more friable bedrock is often sucked up too. Cleaning bedrock this way is much more efficient than using rippers in the air.


A typical rock is 37%lighter in water than in air. The water viscosity created by the jet suction dredge system results in buoyancy that aids in lifting the rock to the surface making it easy to pick up.


These suction and venturi actions are also powerful enough to break up the densest clays, thus  liberating  the  placer  minerals  without  resorting  to  the  use  of  a  trammel.  Large boulders areno problem as the suction can easily vacuum up the surrounding sediments.


The jet suction dredge canalso excavate to depths of 185ft, and adapted to even greater depths  if  necessary,  easily  stripping  off  bedrock  layers  and  cleaning  out  cracks  and crevices unreachable by conventional excavators.


The concentrator/classifiers require clean feed water at the head.


Extended Mining Seasons


The jet suction dredge can also operate in freezing weather by insulating the pump and concentrators or sluice andbreaking pond ice for yawing resulting in an extended mining season. One of the best features of this dredge is there is no shut down time is required for cleanup. The cleanup equipment is on board, allowing a 24 hour work day.


Eco-friendly Mining


These dredging systems are 100% environmentally friendly, using no chemicals whatsoever, and can be adapted to the marine environment off Nome or any other location where placer minerals aremined in the world, resulting in reclamation and claiming that complies with all environmental standards




The  Shell  jet  suction  dredges  are  custom  built  in  the  United  States  in  Tacoma, Washington. Each dredge is custom built toadapt to the property tobe mined. The dredge is available with both 12 and 15 intake nozzles, with pricing starting at $3,000,000 for the

12” and $5,000,000 for the 15 FOB plant.  The dredges are shipped on five 40 feet flatbed trucks via barge, ship or railroad. If flight is needed for access, the components can be designed to fit inside aHercules C 130.


Your dredge can be outfitted with standard global positioning systems and depth finders, sonar and ground penetrating radar, as well as an underwater television to maximize both visibility and profitability.


Shell suction jet dredges are available for purchase, lease or joint venture, and Shell staff will be available to supervise the setup and teach you how to operate your new dredge.


Electrical Room

The electrical room is the nerve center and power source for operating the dredge.

Concentrator - Classifiers

The concentrator/ classifier recovery is sufficient to .006 fine. With the reduction ration to 5000 to 1 pound.

Control Panel

The control room, where the dredge master operates the dredge, provides a full view of the entire dredge.



The cutter-head is powered by 5000 horsepower and has the power to dig 2-3” into bedrock. The vacuum system sucks the material through the pipe and is dispersed to the grizzly. It is operated on friction and gravity with no moveable parts.

End Result