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Water Pulls

  • Sizes ranging from 5,000 to over 10,000 gallons
  • Re-tank Services Available
  • ¼” A-36 mild steel semi-elliptical tank shell, internal longitudinal and transverse baffles welded 100% for greatest durability
  • 3/8″ A-36 mild steel heads welded 100%
  • Water tank structure is re-enforced throughout with ¼” break design longitudinal baffles and I-beams
  • Interior of tank tar emulsion coated for improved rust resistance
  • 2 Year Limited Tank Warranty
  • Pumping System: 850 GPM externally mounted water pump, 2 side sprays and 4 rear sprays

Additional Options For Water Pulls

  • High Performance Water Pump 1200 GPM @ 75 PSI
  • Suction Loading System
  • Fire Fighting Injection System With Foam Agent
  • Electric/Manual Monitors (Water Cannons) with Multiple Tip Options
  • Electric/Manual Hose Reels
  • Tank Lining
  • Additional Side/Rear Spray Heads
  • Water Level Sight Gauges
  • Gravity Dump Bars
  • Work Lights
  • Back Up Alarms

10,000 Gallon Water Pull Scraper Conversion


8000 Gallon Water Pull Retank