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We wish to inform you that we now have Canadian dealership representation for more companies!

We can custom build to customer specifications and within 12 to 16 weeks to deliver.


“We can assist in financing”


We have expanded our lines of products for sale to our valued customers.



We build a variety of tanker product trucks, ranging from:


● Fire Tender Apparatus

● Potable Water

● Waste Recovery

● Waste Oil Reclamation

● Dust Abatement Water Trucks

● Mobile Lubrication Service

● Water Pull Conversions


We will build any of the tanker product trucks either on a customer supplied chassis or from our extensive in-stock inventory of new and used chassis.

We are also a used truck dealer offering reconditioned “over the road” and heavy spec construction trucks.



For Superior Craftsmanship and Attractive Pricing…Call Us.



Our goal is to provide every customer with the best possible customer service, focusing on accurate delivery, quality products and customer service throughout the entire process, from initial purchases to product support after the sale is finalized.


Our tremendous growth has been based almost solely on “word of mouth” advertising.


We look forward to working with you.


George Smith

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